Kanboard is a project management system with a non-typical approach. If you are familiar with Trello, it is very much like that but Open Source. You can find it at https://kanboard.net

My daughter just bought a piece of land next to our B&B and we are going to put in a hot tub, some off-grid cabins, and a communal kitchen. There is a lot more to the whole project — for example, leveling part of the land and adding cistern, septic and parking area. And, beyond that, we want a plan that allows for expansion.

Friends from Canada will build the eco-cabins. I need to find workers and contractors to do some of the other work. Rocio and her boyfriend will do some. And there are ordering things (such as new grid-tie electrical service) and making sure it happens. Thus, I went looking for some software to help.

I looked at a lot of choices but virtually all were very much software development oriented. Those which were not didn’t offer the capabilities we needed. Kanboard was the exception.

Initially I was hesitant because of it’s non-traditional interface. Basically, you create “cards” and move them around. That alone was not going to allow us to keep track of related data (links, documents, comments and such) but, as it turns out, all those capabilities exist. It allows you to create multiple projects with tasks and sub-tasks, manage their status and attach all sorts of other things to them.

I just started working with Kanboard a few days ago but so far the limitations have been me learning the right way to do stuff. I have yet to need to do something that Kanboard cannot do for me.