Social Media Choices

I clearly don’t miss Facebook and the CIA but sometimes I am looking for a place to “chat about things”. Here is one for posting but not chatting. I have continued to use Twitter but have been looking for a place where I would rather hang my hat. Here are my experiences so far: has been the most interesting. There are some interesting people out there and you can post lots of stuff of different sorts. I can’t say it is what I am looking for but In continue to have a presence there. is a very twitter-like instance of GNU social. If you are used to twitter it is a no brains transition. Some of the things I am interested in are there but not that many.

Mastodon is a whole distributed network of twitter-like sites. But, the client just doesn’t work the way that makes sense to me. is what I see as a nicely-implemented social site but it is primarily filled with artists. Thus, wrong community for me.

Bottom line — I don’t have the right answer yet but welcome comments/suggestions. I have considered setting up my own site (possibly using something such as Jappix) but that limits who will be there. There must be a decent alternative.

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