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PV Solar Up and Running

I recently installed a PV solar grid-tie system in my house in Guatemala City. I posted the basics on Here are the details. Grid-tie [...]

From L.A. to L.A. Part 1

I grew up in Los Angeles California and have been living in Latin America for the last 22 years. That should explain the title. This is the first in a series [...]

El Duraznito Part 2

Looking south in the morning The escrituras for the land were ready so I made trip two to the finca today. The plan was to try to fix a few things and [...]

El Duraznito

For you Gringos, that's "The Little Peach". It's the name of what is being called a little farm. At a little over 2000 square meters I would call it a house [...]

New Family Member

On Monday we added a new family member, a VW Saveiro extended cab pickup. If you have never heard of it it is probably because you are in the U.S. VW has [...]