Why the Saveiro?

It’s a strange combination of characteristics. Here is a list:

  • I don’t want a non-electric car but electrics are not ready for prime time in Guatemala yet. Thus, this is a temporary car.
  • I don’t intend to drive it a lot but, when I do it likely to be a fairly long trim. I want something reliable. I am not in the mood (anymore) to work on a gas car.
  • While most trips will be with myself alone or with one other person, having space for 2.5 more (two adults and a child) will happen. This vehicle covers that option with a small back seat.
  • I sometimes need a pickup. If I am talking about a lot of cargo a flete (rented vehicle with driver and possibly other persona) makes more sense. But, for “pick up a bag of cement” or “some cans of paint” this pickup will do fine.
  • Having bought this used but not very used, it can remain a second car or have decent resale value once I have my electric vehicle.