Is “fyl” a Code Name?

I have been watching a lot of George Webb youtube “episodes”. One thing that comes up is who on-line personalities really are. George, Trish and Jason have been up-front with their identities but many others have not. I am pretty open and just want to explain why I am fyl and why this site is

In 1968 I went to work for Collins Radio. This was in the days of when you submitted your card deck to the control clerk who would have it run on the computer and your output was printed in 14 inch wide paper. In order for the control clerk to separate the output of various users a banner page was generated. You got to pick what was on it.

As my name is Phil, PHIL was the obvious choice. But, there was already a PHIL there. With a bit of thinking, I decided FYL sounded right and was distinct. That has been me for almost 50 years.

As for the web site name, what I really wanted to say was fyl’s but a quote is not something you put in a URL. So, I stretched the language a bit and decided fylz sounded like the possessive of fyl. Done deal.