Talking to Cameras with Motion

Adding pictures from web cams used to be easy. They usually had the ability to FTP an image to wherever you want. Unfortunately, “modern” web cams have more features and, it appears, that generally means the FTP feature went away. After a lightening strike toasted a camera we have here, I bought a replacement. The replacement was “modern”. Grumble.

After playing a lot with server-side software to make up for the “new features” I settled on motion. It’s really free and flexible. And, it actually works.

It’s claim to fame is being able to deal with security cameras the way you want with, if course, motion sensing. Not what I needed but it is easily configured with configuration files.

My only work of warning is make sure what version you get. I loaded the package that came with Linux Mint and kept having problems configuring it. I finally checked and that version was very old and lots of options have changed. I downloaded the package for the current version from the web site and all works perfectly.