Becoming More Invisible

For me, becoming less “spied upon” has been a process and it is far from done. Sometimes I forget how serious this spy level is. Yesterday I was reminded when my daughter had misplaced her celular phone. Some time later she said “Google says it was here”. After a quick “WTF” I realized, of course, Google would know where your phone was.

The reminded me of a friend who, 20 years ago, had a signature that included “ICBM” with his coordinates in it. That was funny but this is real-time tracking. Besides ICBM issues, maybe you don’t want your girlfriend to know where you are.

In any case, this morning I ran into an article that may help you clean up your act.From the article

Google knows a lot about you. A large part of the search giant’s business model is based around advertising – and for this to be successful it needs to know who you are. But with the right know-how it’s possible to track down what Google knows about you and control what it uses for advertising purposes.

Google doesn’t make a huge song and dance about its in-depth knowledge of its users, but at the same time it doesn’t keep it a secret either. Here’s how to find out what Google knows and take control of your data.

Check it out.