Bitchute — A YouTube Alternative for the Right Reasons

YouTube has offered an amazing change for Internet users. It means that you can share your videos and find an amazing amount of videos from others. But, the definition of the word “you” has been changing. Clearly Google bought YouTube to turn it into a new profit center but these days censorship has been a serious issue. Well, Bitchute is an interesting alternative — for all the right reasons.

While others have tried to enter this market the traditional approach — the centralized approach — means a massive investment to build data centers and bandwidth. Ray Vahey came up with an alternative approach. He takes advantage of bittorrent (file sharing) technology such that the people downloading videos are sharing their resources to deliver the content.

The problem with bittorrent is that it requires geek knowledge in order to find and download content. The Bitchute solution is an easy to use web-based interface so you can both upload your video and also can find and watch videos.

If you want to know more about the technology and the politics this interview with Ray Vahey will get up up to speed. On the other hand, if you just want an alternative video platform that is easy to use, just go to the Bitchute site and have at it.