Keybase Adds Teams

Over a year ago I talked about Keybase and I am back to say more. When I posted before it was an alternative way to confirm the identity of others (using other sources of their presence for confirmation), a way to communicate with your “associates” with end-to-end encrption and a way to share files. Sharing was done by setting up relationships and once you got beyond a few people it became inconvenient. But, there is something new.

Well, last month something changed. They added teams. That is, rather than sharing be done with cumbersome relationships, you can create a team and then establish administrative, read or write access for other keybase users. It makes management of these shared resources so much easier.

Still confused? This Techcrunch article does a good job of explaining what this feature is. For me, this makes Keybase look much more appealing.

You can run Keybase on your Android and, I guess, iPhone. Messaging and such works but folder sharing does not yet work. You probably missed this but with Keybase you only need to know someone’s Keybase identity to communicate with them. You don’t need their phone number, email address and such.