We’re Up

I have been thinking about the right tool for this site for all too long. There are lots of choices but, for the most part, the differences are not important. If anything, I would rather have this site be in Python than PHP but, because of strange hosting requirements/conditions, PHP is just easier. So, here we go.

I will be adding the content that was here that still matters (which is really less than half of what was here) over time. For now, I am going to start with two types of new content:

  • Stuff that really is new — as in happening now
  • Stuff that is old — as in things I remember for 20 or 50 or more years ago

With that old stuff my interest is to give us a way to think about “how it was”. My guess is rather that everyone wanting to go back to how it was, you will see many positives but also many negatives. For the younger folks, it should help you understand how we got to where we are.